Army Headquarter Camp


1.     The Army Headquarters Camp was established at National Stadium in April 1954.  It was later moved to Vasant Vihar, on Rao Tula Ram Marg, in November 1986. The Camp is designed to look after the administration of JCOs/OR posted/attached to Army Headquarters, Inter Service Organisations (ISOs), Ministry Of Defence, Officers posted at Army Headquarters and Inter Service Organisations (ISOs), who are junior to the Camp Commandant, also fall under the purview of Army Headquarters Camp for the purpose of discipline and administration.  Commandant, Army Headquarters Camp is also nominated as Station Commanders for all personnel below officer rank permanently posted to Army Headquarters, and controls allotment of married quarters to these personnel.

Static Workshop, EME

Brief History.   

1.     The Workshop was under Headquarters Delhi Area, till 06 March 2000. Since, Army Headquarters Transport Company and other Army Headquarters unit vehicles are maintained by this Workshop, a case was taken up with Staff Duty Directorate, for change of command and control, on the lines of Army Headquarters Transport Company ASC.  Accordingly Army Headquarters Static Workshop was placed under command and control of Administration and Coordination Directorate, with effect from 07 March 2000.


(a)     Repairs.     The Workshop provides engineering support to numerous units/ organisations.

(b)     Recovery.     The workshop is also responsible to provide recovery cover in the general area of  Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

Transport Company

Brief History.

Officers Welfare Transport (OWT) 

1.     GHQ (I) Transport Section was raised on 05 Jun 1942 at Willingdon Crescent, New Delhi.  It was assigned the role of providing transport to GHQ Delhi.  Due to increased transport requirement, the unit was upgraded and re-designated as GHQ (I) Transport Company RIASC in 1946.  Shortly, thereafter, Army Headquarter (I) Bus Service was amalgamated with this unit and it was re-designated as Army Headquarter Transport Company, RIASC.

2.     During the partition in 1947, this unit acquitted itself creditably by evacuating a large number of refugees with commendable speed which earned appreciation from higher authorities and touching display of gratitude from people. 

3.     After independence, the unit was finally re-designated as Army Headquarter Transport Company ASC and this name is continuing till date, the manifold increase in the transport holding and transport commitments notwithstanding.  The unit was shifted to its present location near Dhaula Kuan from Willingdon Crescent on 18 August 1962. 

4.     To provide transport to Army Headquarters for various functions and also to any other organization for which sanction of GOI exists. 

Army Battle Honours Mess (ABHM)
The Army Battle Honour Mess was established in the present location in September 1970.  It was then called ‘SP Marg Officers Mess’ and utilised by Army and Naval Officers.  In 1985, the Naval Headquarters establish its own Mess and the SP Marg Mess was made available solely for the Army.  In April 1986, it was re-designated as the Army Battle Honours Mess.


The  Mess  has  two  distinct  wings viz the Hospitality Wing and General Wing.  The Hospitality Wing caters for official functions hosted on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff and other official functions of branches/directorates.  The General Wing caters for boarding and lodging of officers posted/ on Temporary Duty.

Single Officers Accommodation.

The Army Battle Honour Mess has 212 single officers quarters.  Out of these, 34 suites have been converted into guest rooms and 32 quarters renovated as temporary married accommodation (Kitchenette accommodation).  In addition to the above, the Directorate also controls allotment of 10 single rooms and 10 kitchenettes at Curzon Road Hostel.

Accommodation for General Officers.

Accommodation for General Officers coming on Temporary Duty to Army Headquarters is arranged by Headquarters Delhi Area.  

Important Functions.     All official functions, on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff and Vice Chief of Army Staff are organized  in the Army Battle Honour Mess.