Long Service good Conduct Medal


Conditions of Eligibility and Eligible Categories

Awarded on Republic & Independence Day by the respective Chiefs of Staff to such selected individuals from the following categories of personnel as may have rendered a minimum of 15 years combatant or non-combatant service in the Army or in the Navy or Air Force, distinguished throughout by highly good conduct: -

Army - Non-commissioned officers and other ranks below the rank of Dafadar /Havildar, including enrolled non-combatants.

Navy - Continuous Service Ratings of the rank of Petty Officer and below, excluding ordinary seamen and their equivalent in other branches.

Air Force - Corporals and Aircraftsmen.

For the purpose of the award, only such service as counts for pension and gratuity is taken into consideration.

* Total number of awards to be made in each service is fixed by the Government from time to time.

Design of the Medal and Ribbon

Medal – Circular in shape, 1.42 inches in diameter and made of standard silver. It shall have embossed on the obverse the State Emblem seven-eighth inches in height with the motto--------------------and decorative lotus buds along the periphery. On the reverse it shall have the inscriptions” FOR LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT “ and ---------------------------------------within a lotus wreath. The medal shall have a scroll pattern swivel fitting one and five sixteenth inches in width for the ribband.

Ribbon – Silk riband one and a quarter inches in width. Five-seventh of an inch of the centre of the riband is brown, edged with vertical strips of light blue, dark blue and red each one-sixteenth of an inch in width and broader white stripes of twice that width on the outer edges.

Monetary Benefits

A gratuity of Rs. 100/-

Note - The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal without gratuity is abolished with immediate effect.

* 4 for 800men on the authorized establishment of the respective service.