1.        At the outset I am grateful to the almighty to have showered his blessings on me to reach the coveted and onerous appointment of the SO-in-C. I am conscious of both the honour bestowed on me, as also the associated responsibilities. I owe this success, in equal measure, to both the guidance and vision of my superiors and to the loyalty and support of my subordinates. I am grateful to each and every one of you for your unstinted support. My endeavour would be to live up to the trust and faith you have reposed in me.


2.        Our ever evolving role and ability to adapt to a rapidly changing technological landscape has ensured that Corps of Signals has always emerged with flying colours across the full spectrum of conflict. We owe this tradition to the excellent and exacting standards set by my predecessors. I am grateful to them for handing me over the Corps in such fine fettle. My special thanks to Lt Gen Rajeev Sabherwal, AVSM, VSM (Retd) for his astute leadership and stellar contribution to the Corps. My sincere gratitude also goes to all veterans who have so assiduously nurtured the Corps and bequeathed us with a strong foundation and legacy to build on.


3.         The Indian Army is currently transforming itself to evolve into a potent, war winning force by leveraging the power of Information Communication Technology (ICT). With this aim at the backdrop the Corps has set itself to meet these challenges with vigour and élan. Thus, the overarching need for all Signallers to be aware of the strategic, operational and tactical dimensions to ensure pragmatic application of technology in consonance with combat operations becomes an absolute necessity.


4.         In today’s world, as recent conflicts have proved beyond doubt that wars have gravitated towards achieving Information Dominance and therein lies our critical role as Signallers. The outcomes of future wars will depend on our timely acquisition, control and effective use of information as a potent weapon. We need to further strengthen our networks and exploit the latest technologies so as to make available a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure to the Indian Army. This can be achieved by greater professional competence, integration and synergy of all our efforts. We have to be proud of this onerous responsibility and conscientious in preparing ourselves for discharging the same.


5.         To ensure that we are able to maximise the potential of diverse and complex state of the art equipment, we need to lay strong emphasis on training of all ranks in tandem with creation of requisite training infrastructure. Our human resource management practises and ethos also need to be responsive to meet emerging challenges.


6.        Military values and ethos have and will always be an important facet of men in uniform. We have to nurture these rich values and ensure that our countrymen hold us in high esteem. The onus lies on each one of us to live up to the trust reposed in us by our Nation. Accountability and transparency in dealings need to be ensured at all levels. I would also like to lay due emphasis on the importance of sound officer men relationship and espirit-de-corps in consonance with the ethos and fine traditions of our great Corps. Physical fitness and troop games are vital pillars of a competent soldier.


7.        In the end, I would like you all to believe in our Corps, our Army and above all in yourself and your abilities. Hard work, honesty and perseverance will see our illustrious Corps scale far greater heights in the times to come. I also take this opportunity to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to all ranks, civilian staff, veterans and families of the Corps of Signals on the occasion of New Year 2021. May the New Year usher in happiness, prosperity, good health and success.