Directorate General of EME

Responsibility for all matters relating to maintenance, repair, recovery and inspection of all types of technical equipments and accessories in the Army.

Responsibility for functioning, control, administration and training of all EME units and persons (including civilians).

Advising other branches and directorates of Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence on all matters affecting the Corps of EME.

Responsibility for the enunciation of repair policy (Light, Field and Base Repairs) in conjunction with the General Staff.

Association with technical development and manufacturing agencies with regard to maintenance, repair and scaling aspects of equipment under development and manufacturing of spares of EME repair responsibility.

Issue EME regulations.

Responsibility for indigenization of spares and assemblies of imported equipments not being manufactured by ordnance factories or defence PSUs(Public Sector Undertaking).
Product up gradation during Overhauling, where applicable.