Sequence of Indigenisation

(a)      Identification of items for indigenisation; vetting by Sustainment Sections of Directorate General of EME.


(b)      Generation of engineering drawings/ Quality Assurance Instruction/ Specifications.


(c)      Identification of Vendors/ Firms.


(d)      Framing and Issue of Request for Proposal (RFP) or EoI on NCNC basis.


(e)      Benchmarking of Price/ POV.


(f)      Technical evaluation of bids and holding of TPC/ CNC.


(g)      Conclusion of contract.


(h)      Post Contract Management.


          (i)         Evaluation of Pilot Sample; FFFT in Army Base Workshops/ Field Workshops.

          (ii)        Issue of BPC.

          (iii)      Issue of I-note.

          (iv)       Codification.

          (iv)       Declaration of Free Flow.