Training Institutions

Medical, Dental, Nursing and Para-medical personnel of Armed Forces Medical Services are trained in own institutions of repute.

Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

In Dec 1941 in IHC-VCOs and NCOs school was established with No 3 Indian Hospital Corps Battalion in Pune which later evolved into the Army Med Training Centre (AMTC) in Jan 1942. The AMTC was the forerunner of the present Armed Forces Medical College at Pune, which was raised on 01 May 1948. The college started its under-graduate wing on 04 Aug 1962.

The Armed Forces Medical College, Pune is a premier medical institution responsible for training under-graduate and postgraduate doctors. The selection of under- graduate students is done on basis of an open All India Entrance Examination. In addition, a number of military hospitals have also been recognised for imparting postgraduate training and are affiliated to various universities. The training of Nursing Officers is conducted at College of Nursing, Pune for BSc Nursing and various Nursing Schools for Diploma in Nursing. The training of para medical staff is conducted at Army Medical Corps Centre and School Lucknow, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and various Military Hospitals. In addition Officers’ Training School, Lucknow, imparts training to Medical Officers, Nursing Officers and Non-Technical Officers in Military Science, Military Medicine, general administration and so on.

A continuous and systematic upgradation of training is conducted for the para medical staff to ensure career prospects and rehabilitation in civil after retirement. The other ranks are given adequate opportunities to be selected as officers through Army Cadet College, Indian Military Academy. The JCOs and other ranks are also given opportunities to be commissioned in the AMC (Non-Technical) cadre through the Service Selection Board.

AMC Centre and School, Lucknow

It has originated from No.2 Company of Indian Hospital Corps (IHC). In May 1941, the until was enlarged and reorganised as No.2 Indian Hosp Corps Battalion. In 1942, the battalion was re-designated as No.2 Training and Depot Centre when the training facilities of the unit were enlarged and in Feb 1947, it was re-designated as Indian Army Medical Corps Centre (North). The designation of Army Medical Corps Centre (North) was given in 1950. No.3 Company of IHC was enlarged and reorganised into No 3 Battalion of IHC which was subsequently re-designated as Indian Army Medical Corps Centre (South) in 1947 and later on Army Medical Corps Centre (South).

Army Medical Corps Centre, Lucknow was formed as a result of amalgamation of AMC Centre (North) with AMC Centre (South) in 1957. Due to the large scale invasion of the Indian Territory by the Chinese during Sep 1962 and the decision of the Govt of India to increase the strength of the Armed Forces, the necessity arose for an Additional Centre for AMC. Consequently Army Medical Corps Centre (South) was established at Hyderabad in Dec 1962. The Centre at Lucknow was re-designated as Army Medical Corps Centre (North).

Both the centers at Lucknow and Hyderabad have been reorganised in Jan 1963 in that the Training Battalions have been split into Military Training and Technical Training Battalions. In 1967 AMC Centre (South) was merged with AMC Centre (North) to form the AMC Centre, Lucknow. With the increase in scope of training of Officers of the Corps, both tech and non tech, the officer training wing of the AMC Centre was reorganised as Officers Training School and became a category ‘A’ establishment on 09 Aug 1969. Consequently the AMC Centre was re-designated as AMC Centre and School.

AMC Centre and School has been redesigned as AMC Centre & College wef 16 Nov 2009 and Officers Training School has been redesigned as Officers Training College wef 16 Nov 2009.

Institute of Paramedical Sciences (IPMS).

IPMS has been established at AMC Centre & College Lucknow wef 2008 designated as the Nodal Agency for training of paramedical personnel of Army Medical Corps. IPMS has been recognized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for award of degrees/diplomas/certificates to paramedical trainees. Presently diplomas in the following 09 paramedical trades are being awarded after successful completion of 104 weeks training at IPMS (AMC Centre & College) and designated training hosps :-

Ser No




Nursing Assts

Diploma in Emergency and Trauma Care Technician



Diploma in Blood Transfusion Technician



Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician



Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician



Diploma in Sanitation



Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing Assistant


X-Ray Asst

Diploma in X-Ray Assistant


Lab Asst

Diploma in Laboratory Assistant



Diploma in Special Treatment Assistant