Frequently Asked Questions

Coordination Sec.

01. How should I go about setting down administrating once posting has been recd and later on reporting to Army HQ? 

Ans. As soon as posting comes, an application for accn in ABH Mess along with the copy of posting order should be submitted to GSO-1 (Lgs). Please get in touch with your would be dte for pursuing the same. For indenting a veh to receive the offr, your concerned Dte will org the same. Accordingly report to rxn of ABH Mess or place where accn has been arng. Settling down administratively takes a bit of time, therefore be patient. On reporting to the Dte apply for:-

(a) Permt and temp accn with CAO.
(b) Temp accn in ABH Mess with Adm & Coord Dte.
(c) Prep of ration card with Adm & Coord Dte.
(d) Bus pass in case desirous of commuting to office & back by officers? bus.

Maintenance & Works Section

01. What is the procedure of lodging complaints for normal routine problems?

Ans. There are two wings of CPWD i.e. civil and electrical. Civil related complaints may be lodged in civil service center located in room No A/34, Sena Bhawan. Tele No is 23015990. For elect and lifts of `A? & `B? complaint cell is located in plaza. `D-1? Wing complaints are entertained in a room located on third floor of south connecting corridor of `D? & `D-1? Wing.

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Logistic Section

01. How can the accn in ABH Mess can be booked ?

Ans. Offrs vis Delhi on TD to attend various conferences/meetings/interaction etc can send their requisitions for the accn through sig or letter and also can appch to GSO-1 Lgs/SO Lgs as well sponsoring branch/directorate through Army Intranet. The E-mail on intranet can be sent on ?gso1lgs_adm&coord?. The details to be furnished for requisitions of accommodation mjust contain the following :-

(a) No, Rank and Name.
(b) Unit.
(c) Purpose of visit.
(d) Date of arrival and date of departure.
(e) Arrival single or with family.

02. What kind of accommodation is available with ADG Adm & Coord Directorate for officers coming on permanent posting to Army Headquarters ?

Ans. The details of accommodation available with this directorate is given below :-

(a) Modified single officers suites in ABH Mess with kitchenette facilities.
(b) Single Room accommodation in Curzon Road Hostel with kitchenette.
(c) Two rooms with kitchenette accommodation in Curzon Road Hostel.

03. Who all are eligible ?

Ans. Officers who are held on the permanent strength of Army Headquarters/ISOs.

04. What is the duration of allotment of accommodation ?

Ans. This accommodation is basically meant to help officers immediately on their arrival in station till such time they are offered any type of accommodation the Chief Administrative Office. Thereafter, officers will be allowed to stay in ABH Mess accommodation only till the time they are allotted temporary married accommodation by the Chief Administrative Office.

05. Where can one get application form for allotment of accommodation ?

Ans. On arrival at the station on permanent posting, the officer will first apply for allotment of married accommodation to the Chief Administrative Office on prescribed form within a period of seven days of assuming his appointment/ After registering with Chief Administrative Office, the officer will obtain the Registration Number and his date of seniority as fixed by the Chief Administrative Office. Thereafter, the officer will aply to the ADG Adm & Coord on prescribed form, which can be collected from the Logistics Section of this directorate.

06. What are the guidelines regarding allotment Defence Pool Accommodation ?

Ans. Guidelines regarding allotment are given as under :-

(a) Hostel Accommodation/Temporary Accommodation. (As per current norms of Sep 98).

(i) Pragati Vihar. One room furnished accommodation for following officers:-

(aa) Maj/Lt Cols Approx 06 Months.
(bb) Cols/Brigs Approx 04 Months.

(ii) Curzon Road Hostel. One room furnished accommodation (separate from paragraph 8(a) above) allotted to Cols/Brigs. Waiting period is approximately two months.

(iii) Princess Park.

(aa) Two roomed Approx 04 Months.
(bb) Three roomed Approx 04 Months. (Permanent accn)

(iv) Shankar Vihar. Approx 6 Months

(b) Hired Accommodation. The hiring/rent reimbursement rates have been increased consequent to revision carried out by fifth pay commission and accommodation is available in Nodia and within New Delhi. The hired accn by the CAOs takes approximately eight months for allotment.

(c) Rent-Reimbursement. The officers are advised to sponsor a house for hiring by the Chief