AMC Flag Colours Adopted in 1944 By IAMC And Retained By AMC in 1953

The AMC Flag has the following colours and width of horizontal stripes: -

Colour Flag 3’ x 2’ Flag 6’ x 4’

  • Top Dull Cherry 11" 22"
  • Middle Black 2" 4"
  • Bottom Old Gold 11" 22"

The flags are required to be made of bunting cloth. The flag is flown in two sizes, flag 3’ x 2’ with flag mast 15' high and flag 6’ x 4’ with mast 20’ (or more).

The colours were adopted by the Indian Army Med Corps in 1944, as representative of the three amalgamated components. Later, in 1953, the Army Medical Corps retained the colours for the Corps flag.

The three Colours are representative and symbolic of : -

DULL CHERRY: This has historical importance as being the distinguished colour of the Royal Army Medical Corps and Medical Services of many other countries. It is associated with positive health, succor and freedom from diseases.

BLACK : It was the corps colour of Indian Hospital Corps. It is associated with formless state of creating birth and death.

OLD GOLD: This is representative of Indian Medical Services which existed in India before 1943. The colour is symbolic of Sun God AESCULAPIUS, the God of Medicine.