DGMS (Army)





1.      Lt Gen Manomoy Ganguly, Vishisht Seva Medal, PHS, Col Comdt AMC assumed the appointment of DGMS (Army) on 06 Nov 2018.


2.      The General Offr has had consistently excellent academic and professional profile.  He graduated from AFMC in 1979 as the topper of his batch, winning most of the Gold medals. After spending three winters in High Altitude Area, he was the first Offr from his batch to be selected for PG trg at AFMC Pune.  He simultaneously acquired degree of MS (Gen Surg) from Pune university in 1986, which was followed by “Diplomate National Board” (Surgery) of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, in 1987.  After    3 yrs as a Gen Surgeon at 158 BH, he was posted to the ‘Malignant Diseases Treatment Centre’ at Command Hospital Pune in 1989, which was the only Oncology Centre for the AFMS at that time.  He was an instructor/Asst Prof Surgery, for the undergraduates & post graduate students at AFMC Pune during that tenure.  He was selected for & qualified for specialized training in Onco- Surgery at the prestigious     Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in 1990-91.  Thereafter the Gen Offr was granted study leave & became the only AFMS Surgeon to qualify in  an All India Competition for an MCh (Onco Surgery) seat at the famous Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai, and till date is the only Oncosurgeon from AFMS to hold this prestigious super speciaility professional qualification.


3.      During his career of almost 39 years, the Gen Offr has held a broad span of administrative and professional appointments in the Army Medical Corps and has excelled in command, staff and instructional roles as a true reformist.  The Gen Offr has had a par excellence tenure as a specialist Offr.  Due to his outstanding qualifications, vision and drive, he was hand picked to establish a new ‘Malignant Disease Treatment Centre’ at  AH (R&R) in 1998 and CH (WC) in 2003.  He was the force behind expansion & modernisation of the MDTCs at the above places and later Headed the Oncology Centres at AH (R&R) between 2007-10 and CH (CC) Lucknow in the year 2012-14.  The state of art sophisticated pt care facilities being offered at these centres can be attributed to the vision and diligent hard work of the Gen Offr.  He also started the DNB (Oncosurgery) Pgme at AH (R&R) in 2007 and was the Prof Oncosurgery for the same.  He has also been Prof of Surgery for Pune Univ, KGMU, Lucknow, GGSIP Univ, Delhi, BA Univ Rohtak & AFMC Pune/MUHS.

4.      The Gen Offr has also held all possible administrative appointments in the AFMS. With his vision, typical zeal and single minded focus, he completely revamped, modernized and upgraded the facilities at  MH Roorkee during his tenure as Commandant from 2010-12.  He did the same as Dy Commandant at CH (CC) Lucknow in 2013-14, wherein during his tenure, this Command Hospital was awarded ““Raksha Mantri Trophy” for ‘Best Hosp in the Armed Forces’.  On assumption of his next rank of Maj Gen, he was appointed as Commandant and Chief Instructor of the prestigious Offrs Trg College, AMC C&C, Lucknow in May 2014.  During his tenure at OTC, Gen Offr was instrumental in building a new modern KLP of OTC, operationilising & shifting it to its new loc within a short span of one year.  As Chief Instructor at the OTC, AMC C & C, he changed the outlook and performance of Directing Staffs & Instructors, revamped the trg of all the courses conducted at OTC & introduced changes in the content along with duration of courses thus having far reaching implications for manifold improvement in efficiency of AFMS.


5.      The Gen Offr has also held major staff appts.  He has been  MG (Med) Delhi Area in the year 2015-16, where he was in charge of healthcare of whole NCR.  During that period interestingly he was also requested by the AG, to revamp/redesign the first ‘Veterans Tableau’ which was showcased 26 Jan 2016 as the first Tableau on Rajpath.  Gen Ganguly performed this task within 72hrs and it was appreciated by all.


6.      The Gen Offr has also held the appointment of MG (Med) Western Command in the year 2016-17 where Gen Offr was in charge of 55 Medical & Dental units including Tertiary care hosps like AH (R&R), BHDC, CH (WC) to Fd Hosps at the Chinese border & Pakistan borders.  He revamped Combat Medical care in AOR of WC in a number of ways. 


7.      The Gen Offr then assumed the appt of MG (Med) Southern Command in year 2017 and then continued as LG (Med) Southern Comd. He was also involved in making an adhoc MH at Jaisalmer.  The culmination of his tenure as LG (Med), Southern Command was the mobilization of 14 medical team overnight for providing yeoman service during the recent Kerala floods, which imparted medical care to approximately 8000 people. These tireless and concerted efforts have immensely helped the civil administration to plan and execute the further relief operations.


8.      For his distinguished and meritorious service, Lt Gen Manomoy Ganguly has been awarded GOC-in-C (CC) Commendation in 2013, COAS Commendation in 2014 and was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal in 2015, while posted as Commandant and Chief Instructor at  Officers’ Training College.


9.      The General Officer has taken over the esteemed appointment of DGMS (Army) on 06 Nov 2018 and has been awarded President Honorary Surgeon on 11 Feb 2019.  Lt Gen Manomoy Ganguly has been elected as Colonel Commandant, Army Medical Corps on 27 Jan 2019.