• The responsibility for distribution of newspapers and periodicals to troops based on APO address has been vested in APS with the object of:

(a) Eliminating breaches of security caused by dissemination of information about movement of field units and formations to news agencies.

(b) To avoid delay and losses in transit.

  • Newspaper Centres have been established at the Central Base Post Offices in New Delhi and Kolkatta as welfare measure for reaching the print media to the troops in remote places.
    The Newspaper Centres are responsible for procurement and supply of the latest edition of newspapers and periodicals to subscribers on security form of address and also units on open address if they desire and if supply is feasible through FPO/ SDO.
    Units not entitled to postal/ SDS cover will however not get NPC cover.

  • For fresh supply, a subscriber is required to fill up the prescribed order form available at FPO. The amount required for remittance to the NPC concerned will be calculated from the current rate list. Remittances will be made by means of cash at FPOs or cheques /FPOr/ DD in favour of OIC, NPC 1 CBPO/ 2 CBPO payable at New Delhi/Kolkatta.
    Outstation cheques will be accepted subjected to clearance charges included in the cheque.  The subscriber will be allotted 16 digit customer code number by FPOs for the initial subscription. 
    The customer code will remain same throughout the renewal except the individual/unit moves out from one location to another location.

  • All the News-papers and Periodicals generally in demand are supplied to the Fmns/units through FPOs by NPC 1 and 2 CBPOs at the prescribed rates.

  • Expiry notice will be issued by the NPC in advance to the subscriber reminding him of the date of expiry of the current subscription and requesting him to remit the renewal subscription.
    For renewal of the subscription, the subscriber has to fill up the order form and hand it over to the FPM, with cash/ cheques/FPOr as in the case of fresh supply.
    Other formalities prescribed for fresh supply, will be applicable for renewal also.