To honour the sacred memory of those brave brethren of the Corps who laid down their lives in the glorious service of the Country, a war Memorial was erected on parade ground of No 1 Military Training Regiment of 1 Signal Training Centre, Jabalpur. The Memorial was unveiled at a solemn ceremony on 13 Feb 1961 during the Golden Jubilee Reunion.

This memorial is in the form of a 305 cms high wall of Katni stone and a matching base. The column mounts the original Corps Emblem of the Indian Signal Corps in brass and a dedicatory plaque with the inscription 'IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES INTHE SERVICE OF THE COUNTRY'. As a matter of Corps custom, only white roses are grown and floral tributes of white roses only are paid. In Feb 1970, the current emblem of the Corps was mounted beneath the old one.


This Memorial adorns the parade ground of 1 Military Training Regiment in Anderson Lines that has since 1920 been watered by the sweat of the recruits who joined the Corps. It is on this drill square, in the shadow of this symbol of supreme sacrifice that they pledge their loyalty to the service and the nation on entering the Corps. The Regimental Attestation Parade used to be held in the shadow of the War Memorial but this practice has since been discontinued wef Feb 2002 (auth- HQ 1 STC letter No. HQ 163/SD-02/8 dt 27/2/2002). The war memorial was renovated in 2006 and inaugurated by the SO-in-C and Senior Colonel Commandant during the 13th Corps Reunion.

Wreath Laying

Another ceremony peculiar to the Corps is the Wreath Laying to honour our martyrs which is held at the War Memorial on following occasions :-

(a) During the Corps Reunion.

(b) On 15 February every year when a Colonel Commandant is present.

(c) During visit of Signal Officer-in-Chief on assuming and relinquishing the appointment.

(d) On taking over and relinquishing charge by the Colonels Commandant.

(e) On changeover of the Commandant, 1STC.

(f) During the visit of a VIP or any occasion as directed by the Corps Committee.

The Roll of Honour

For all these ceremonies, the Roll of Honour is brought ceremoniously and kept at the base of the War Memorial. The Roll of honour is a sacred book in which the names of those Signallers who have laid down their lives in the glorious service of the Country are written. It is in two volumes covering period from 1911-1947 and 1947 onwards.