Directorate General of Ordnance Services


Army Ordnance Corps is responsible to provide logistics support to the Indian Army during war and peace.


The logistics function of the Army Ordnance Corps involves the mechanics of provisioning and procuring of all stores required to raise and maintain an efficient and effective fighting army.

The aim is to make available all kinds of stores to all units of the army at the right time, in right quantity, at the right place and right cost.

The inventory range covers every conceivable requirement of the soldier from clothing to weapons, from a needle to a tank and also all munitions except fuel, fodder and medicines.

The inventory management functions involve provisioning, procurement, receipt, accounting, storage, issue, transportation and disposal of all clothing, equipment, weapons, vehicles, ammunition and spares of all kinds.

Ammunition Management

It is no mean feat to manage one of the largest and the most complex logistics effort in the world. The effort involves:-

Major/minor repair of all munitions and missiles. Static and dynamic proof of ammunition and explosives. Disposal and demolition of unserviceable/dangerous ammunitions and explosives. Stores Procurement Army Ordnance Corps procures wide range of stores mainly from Ordnance factories and public sector undertakings. However, it taps civil industry and market for a large range of low tech general stores, clothing and automobile spare parts.

The corporate world is a strong partner of defence services in material support. For supply of stores to the army, the registration with Director General of Supplies and Disposal / Director General of Quality Assurance / Ordnance Depots is the first step.


Pre Requisites for Registration of Civil Firms

Administrative & Financial

  • Obtain a State Sales Tax Number
  • Obtain clearance from Income Tax Department.
  • Bank Guarantee/financial soundness.
  • License for running industry where necessary.


  • Infrastructure in existence.
  • Capable and competent staff.
  • Quality of stores being manufactured.

Contact any of the following

  • DGS&D

Director General Supplies & Disposal
Sansad Marg
New Delhi.

  • DGQA

Director General Quality Assurance - 
Jt Director (Technical)
Room No. 143, G Block
Army Headquarters,
New Delhi - 110011

  • Addl DGOS

Addl Director General Ordnance Services (CV/TS/CN&A)
B Block, Army Headquarters
New Delhi-110011

  • Any Central Ordnance Depot/Regional Ordnance depot.