Vendors offering solutions on items to include the following systems/ sub systems/ solutions may showcase their products/technologies:-


(a) Soldier Protection


                    (i) Laminates for protection from glass splinters.
                   (ii) Light Weight Bullet Proof Patka/Bullet Proof Jackets.
                   (iii) Anti-riot Transparent Shield.
                  (iv) Full Body Armour (Level IV protection).
                  (v) Mine Boots.
                  (vi) Foldable Ballistic Shields (Level III Protection).
(b) Security Solutions.
                (i) Sensor Based Physical Barriers (Smart Fence).
               (ii) Multi Sensing Transducer based Protection System.
               (iii) Automatic Crash bollards/barriers.
              (iv) Modular ruggedized field defence for line of control sector.
(c) Fire Power.
                (i) Sniper Rifle with Night Sight.
               (ii) Automatic Surveillance, Target detection, Tracking and neutralization system (Sensor to Shooter Integrated System).
               (iii) Guns to include Laser Gun, Shot Gun etc.
               (iv) Ammunition to include that for Sniper, Assault Rifle, 0.50 calibre ball, 0.50 calibre Armour Piercing Incendiary etc.
              (v) Silencer for 5.50mm Tavor Assault Rifle.
              (vi) Sights to include Laser Reflex, holographic, Thermal Imaging, Sniper, Periscope & Monocular etc.
              (vii) Ballistic Computer for Sniper Rifles.
             (viii) Remote Controlled Weapon system.
(d) Situational Awareness Measures/ Surveillance Equipment including Night Enablement.
                (i) Quad/Hexa copters/Other variants (Day/Night) for High Altitude Area / Tethered platforms. For Svl as well as heavy weight lifting of 20-50 kg for logistics applications. 
                (ii) Mini UAVs.
               (iii) Long Range Surveillance Solutions(Day/Night).
              (iv) Hand Held Thermal Imagers (Cooled/Uncooled thermal imaging  based eqpt) with palmtop display.
               (v) Portable methodological system.
              (vi) Radars to include Surveillance, Through Wall, Ground/Fog/Foliage  Penetrating - portable/static variants.
              (vii) Long Range Day and Night High Resolution Cameras for surveillance systems (Operational Temperature Range  -40°C to +55°C).
              (viii) Under Ground Sensors, Motion Detection Sensor  and other sensor solutions.
               (ix) Microwave sensors.                
              (x) Spotter Scope with Digital Camera.
               (xi) Land and Vehicle mounted Electro-Optical (EO) System.
              (xii) Under Water Intrusion Detection System.
              (xiii) Tunnel Detection System.
              (xiv) Tactical Throw Ball with High Resolution Camera.
              (xv) Night Vision Devices.
              (xvi) Articulated Optical Fiberscope.
              (xvii) Multispectral Aiming Device with invisible lasers. 
              (xviii) Integration of surveillance system.
             (xix) Air-Ground communication between Army Aviation Helicopters & ground troops.
(e) Bullet Proofing / Hardening Solutions.
(f) Robotics.
                  (i) Robots/platforms for Ground and Underwater Surveillance.
                  (ii) Robots/platforms for handling explosives/Unexploded Ordnance etc.
(g) Virtual/ Augmented Reality.
(h) Artificial Intelligence Solutions.
(j) Counter Improvised Explosive Devices.  
                   (i) Deep search metal detector/Hand held metal detector.
                   (ii) Counter Improvised Explosive Device Equipment.
(k) Counter Remotely operated Improvised Explosive Devices.
(l) Communication  Equipment.
                  (i) Strategic and tactical communication systems. 
                  (ii) Information Warfare equipment (active and passive systems). 
                 (iii) Encrypted handheld Satellite Phones.
                (iv) Variants of Rechargeable Batteries & Battery chargers.
                (v) Hand held digital Radio Set with secrecy.
               (vi) Company level & Battalion level exchange.
              (vii) Surge protection & lightening protection eqpt.
               (viii) Splicing machine.
             (ix) Jammers including for UAVs & mobile phones.
             (x) Broad Band Radio.
            (xi) Motorola Grid System for communication.
(m) Tactical Mobility.
                  (i) All Terrain Vehicles.
                 (ii) High Density Rubber Mats for road crossing by Tank.
                (iii)     Hydraulic Overhead Trolley System (30-40kg weight for 200-400mtr).
                 (iv) Snow Mobile.
(n) Operational Survival.
                 (i) Infra Red lights for emergency marking of helipad.
                 (ii) Pumping system for water supply upto 2000 Mtr. 
                 (iii) Electronic Snake Repellent Machine.
                 (iv) Infra Red Torches.
                 (v) Hand Held Search Lights.
(o) Mountaineering Equipment.
               (i) Ropes for mountaineering (slithering & climbing Glacier Ropes & Avalanche Cord).
               (ii) Route markers.
              (iii) Fast ropes for winch (for Helicopters and Tanks).
              (iv) Harnesses.
              (v) Ascenders / Descenders.
              (vi) Boots, jackets, caps, gloves etc.
              (vii) Avalanche Air Bags.
             (viii) Rockblasters.
             (ix) Avalanche Victim Detector.
             (x) Avalanche Related Protective Equipment.
(p) Infrastructure & Habitat. 
                 (i) Bullet proof bunkers /posts.
                 (ii) Material handling and storage solution.
                (iii) Mobile Sentry Post.
                (iv) Portable cabins for snow area.
                (v) Habitat for High Altitude Area.
(q) Clean Energy Solutions.
                  (i) Foldable solar panel chargers.
                  (ii) Solar pumps, Solar generators, Solar Lanterns etc.
                (iii) Solar invertors, solar plants, solar water heating system.
                (iv) Solar/wind products for LED Lanterns & Bulbs with motion sensors.
                (v) Solar Panels & Wind Energy for electricity.
                (vi) Bio digester for hygiene & sewage treatment.
                (vii) Bio toilets.
(r) Medical.
                (i) Pneumatic Bags for Chill Blain protection.
                (ii) Special Bandages and foldable stretchers.
               (iii) Limb saving & body warming products.
               (iv) Shelters and Insulated Operation Theatres.
               (v) Joint Care Oil.
               (vi) Emergency Resuscitation Kit.
              (vii) Blood Analyser Mobile Kit.
              (viii) Splints for Orthopedic injury.
               (ix) Light weight Oxygen Concentrators.
               (x) HAPO Bags.
               (xi) Light Weight foldable stretchers.
              (xii) Cream (Anti Blemishes, Cold Injury Protection).
              (xiii) Emergency Haemostatic dressing.
              (xiv) Transport Ventilator.
              (xv) Defibrillators – all types.
              (xvi) Oxygen/Nitrogen Booster Trolley.
              (xvii) Hemorrhage Control Kit.
              (xviii) Portable Anesthesia Machine.
               (xix) Quickclot Kit.
               (xx) Medical Combo Kit.
               (xxi) Haemostatic sponge.
               (xxii) Machine for checking Heamoglobin in High Altitude Area. 
               (xxiii) Vein Illuminator.
              (xxiv) Instant water purification water bottle.
(s) Clothing.
              (i) Special Clothing for High Altitude Area. 
              (ii) Thermal Overalls.
(t) Camouflage, Concealment & Deception Solutions.
               (i) Camouflage Material (Thermal Signature Reduction).
               (ii) Camouflage Nets.
               (iii) Camouflage Shelters.
                (iv) Multispectral Net.
                (v) Decoys.
(u) Disruptive Technology Solutions.
(v) Fire Fighting Equipment.
                      (i) Multipurpose Fire Fighting equipment for Fibre - reinforced Plastic (FRP) Shelters.
                     (ii) Hand Held all purpose Fire Fighting equipments.
(w) Training.
                    (i) Small Arms Training Systems.
                   (ii) Smart Target Systems.
                  (iii) Moving Target Systems.
(x) Simulators. Simulators for troops training. 
(y) Miscellaneous.
                  (i) Ultra Capacitor Based Jump Start Device. 
                 (ii) Flood Relief & Disaster Management Equipment & solutions.
                 (iii) Equipment for Special Forces.
                (iv) Cold/Heat Insulator Boxes.
                 (v) OFC Tool Kits.
                 (vi) Water supply system for sub zero temperature.
                 (vii) Software for social media monitoring to include trends and sentiments.
                (viii) Mobile  Monitoring System.
                (ix) Language conversion software for Mandarin, Tibetan, Pashto, Kashmiri & Gujri languages.
                (x) Sewage disposal system.
                (xi) Light weight ae Cable way or Ziplines. 
                (xii) AI solutions for svl, tgt detecton, ident & acquisition, medical usage, metting etc.