Conditions of Eligibility

Awarded for services rendered with the Armed Forces under active service conditions or conditions akin thereto. Where appropriate, a clasp for each operation shall be instituted by the President.

An individual qualifying for the medal for the first time shall be awarded the medal together with a clasp indicating the particular operation for which it is awarded. For all subsequent operation for which the issue of a clasp is approved, only the clasp indicating the particular operation shall be awarded. The bar of the clasp shall have the name or the place of operation engraved on it.

Eligible categories

The following categories of personnel serving in an operation or concessional area within the territorial or time limits to be specified separately for each operation will be eligible for the award: -

(a) All ranks of the Army, Navy and Air Force, and of the Reserve, Territorial and Militia Forces, and civilians of either sex in all walks of life.

(b) All other lawfully constituted forces and security forces operating under the operational control of the Regular Armed Forces.

Design of the Medal and Ribbon

Medal. Circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35mm in diameter with the fitting of standard pattern and shall have embossed on the obverse the State Emblem with its motto and the inscription -----------SAMANYA SEVA MEDAL, 1965, on either side of the State Emblem along the rim. On its reverse it shall have the representation of the Indian elephant.

Ribbon. India green colour divided into four equal parts in three vertical stripes each three millimeters in width, of red, dark blue and light blue.