Ucchh Tungta Medal (High Altitude Medal)


Conditions of Eligibility


The conditions of eligibility for the award shall be as follows:-


(a) Personnel who have been detailed for duties connected with the defence of the boarders and who have completed an aggregate service of 180 days during first spell of tenure on the active strength of a unit/formation in the areas where high altitude allowance is admissible commencing from 1st April, 1984.


(b) Air crew personnel and personnel of ejection crew of Air maintenance units who carried out a minimum of 10 sorties or 40 hours of flying on transport support roles from 1st April, 1984.


(c) All personnel who died or sustained wounds leading to premature evacuation irrespective of time limit to stay. This will take effect from the date of issue.


Eligible categories


The categories of personnel eligible for the award shall be:-


(a) Commissioned Officers, Juniors Commissioned Officers, Other Ranks and Non-Combatants (enrolled) of the Regular Army embodied Auxiliary and Reserve Forces or any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces.


(b) Nursing Officers and other members of Nursing Services in the Armed Forces.


Design of the Medal and Ribbon


Medal - The medal shall be circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35 millimeter in diameter and fitted to a plain horizontal bar. It shall have embossed on the obverse the State Emblem with its motto and the inscription “Ucch Tungta Medal” on both sides of the State Emblem along the rim. On its reverse it shall have the representations of the mountains.

Ribbon - The medal shall be worn suspended from the left breast by a silk ribbon which shall be of 32 mm in width of Azura Blue colour background with white diagonal reverse V Shape stripes of 2 millimeters in width with distance of 5 millimeters between the two stripes.