Local Orders And Instructions On Discipline Or Administration

1. All persons will be properly turned out in uniform/mufti when leaving the Camp for duty, leave or out pass. Going out in chappals is forbidden. Headgear will be worn with uniform. 

2. All persons are to pay proper compliments (salute) to seniors whenever they pass/meet them.

3. Bringing /entertaining female guests in the Camp is forbidden. They are not permitted beyond the RP gate.

4. Bringing liquor from the market, consuming liquor in the barracks and leaving the Camp in drunken state is forbidden. Liquor will be consumed in the JCOs Mess/OR Institute whenever regular issues are made. Liquor coupons are available with the Block NCO.

5. Food will be consumed in the Mess only and not taken to the room.

6. Do not take shortcuts through lawn or open grounds. Move on roads and footpath provided.

7. Do not litter by throwing rubbish everywhere. Use dustbins provided.

8. Cell phones/WLL/Cordless telephones are not permitted without the permission of the Commandant.

9. Magazines/News papers provided should not be removed from stands/reading tables.

10. Conserve water by proper use. Do not leave taps open.

11. Park cycles/vehicles at designated place do not block the road/foot paths.

12. Sharing/Subletting or staying single in Government married accommodation allotted to JCOs/OR is not permitted and against the rules governing their allotment.

13. Misuse of CILQ provision i.e not staying in the house for which permission is sought is an offence. 

14. Fixtures (Bulbs, Switches, Taps etc) provided by the MES at single married accommodation should not be removed/tampered with.

15. Help in improving the environment by caring for and planting tress/shrubs in the lines and family accommodation. Keep your surroundings clean and well maintained.

16. Leaving station without leave certificate (issued by the Camp) on weekends/holidays is forbidden.

17. The following areas have been declared out of bounds for all ranks for all purpose :-

(a) Raj Nagar.  
(b) Sadh Nagar. 
(c) Palam Enclave.  
(d) Kailash Puri.  
(e) Sagarpur.  
(f) Durga park.  
(g) Indra Park.  
(h) Palam Village.
(j) Jherea Vuillage.  
(k) Bhanwar Singh Camp.  
(l) Jhuggi Jhopari Colony behind Vasant Village.

18. For any queries kindly contact Adjutant/duty clerk in the Camp office.The timings are from 1400hr to 1700hr.

19. Light out will be observed from 2200hr.