Action in case of Loss of Smart Card

1. Immediately inform the loss of Smart Card to parent/ dependent or nearest URC with a copy to formation HQ giving your personal details and Smart Card No (if known) and type of card ie Grocery, Liquor or Dependent, for hot listing. URCs to immediately inform nearest/ dependent SCL rep of the loss for further action.

2. Copy of FIR is not required at this stage. Hot listing is done to prevent misuse of Smart Card.

3. Scanned copy of letter submitted by individual for hot listing may also be fwd directly to M/s SCL by email or by FAX to 0120-4072798.

4. Following details of the lost card are required by M/s SCL in summarized form for hot listing:

1. Personnel No.

2. Rank

3. Name

4. Cat (Serving /ESM)

5. Grocery Self/Joint Card No.

6. Liquor Self Card No.

7. Grocery

8. Dependent1 Card No.

9. Grocery Dependent2 Card No

5. Process for issue of a new Smart Card to be initiated through the dependent URC after two months cooling period from the date of reporting of the loss of the card by an individual.

6. In the meanwhile, authorized individual who has losr his/her card may be given the canteen facilities through dependent URC using ‘Bronze Card’ available with URC.