Guide Lines For JCOs/OR Coming On Posting Or Attachment To Army HQ Camp


1. Register your name and time of arrival with the duty NCO at the RP gate. Get the registration serial No, date and time of report endorsed on your movement order.

2. Report to the Reception Centre at the Main Office to complete documentation and allotment of accommodation, Mess etc. On holiday/Sundays and odd hours the RHM will assist you on these matter. 

3. You may keep your luggage at the guard house at the RP Gate while you complete your essential documentation.

4. If you arrive at meal time, have your meal before getting your documentation started.

Documents Required.

5. You are required to produce the following documents to the posting clerk :-

(a) Movement Order (Duly endorsed with reporting No, date and time at the RP Gate).

(b) LRC.

(c) Identity Card (Also to be produced at interview).

(d) Pay book (AB-64).

6. Fill in the Record of Service form (which will be used to maintain you personal occurrences till receipt of your 958) and deposit it with the clerk.

7. You will be issued a coupon/mess for accommodation (block) and Mess where you will have your meals.

8. Report to the Block NCO and he will show you your room/barrack.

9. Report to the Sub Adjutant at 1530h for the interview of Adjutant.

10. The posting clerk will also give you a departure slip to report to your directorate/branch.

11. You can also collect forms for registration for married accommodation, CILQ, bus pass/transport allowance etc from the reception.

Documents Required on Attachment.

12. Produce following documents to the attachment clerk over and above the documents specified in Ser 6 :-

(a) For persons on courses & TD, directions from Stn HQ/HQ Delhi Area.

(b) For Sahayak, ‘Sahayak form’ completed and signed by concerned offr.

(c) For persons on attachment, letter of attachment from Line Directorate.

13. You will be interviewed by the Adjutant and then allotted accommodation and Mess for having your meals.

14. After the interview collect your accommodation and Mess allotment coupon and report to the block NCO.

Pay and Allowances.

15. Payment of pay and allowances will be made by cheque to your account in nominated banks at Delhi. Demand for pay will be entertained only if received through the Coordination Section of branch/directorate you are serving in after complete documentation.  

16. Individuals are advised to open their bank account at an early date and info the pay section at the Camp of details.

Bus Passes.

17. Bus passes for government transport from place of residence to office and back are issued by the Camp MT Clerk. Necessary forms are available at the reception office. Individuals may claim transport allowance if not availing of this facility.


18. Clothing will be issued on receipts of duplicate clothing from previous unit or if individual produces his original and updated clothing card, as per schedule laid down branch/directorate wise.

Leave Certificate & Encashment of Leave.

19. All persons dependent on the camp will be issued leave certificate based on leave sanction slip issued by respective branch/directorate. Leaving station on weekends without a leave certificate is illegal and forbidden. Encashment of leave will be published on receipt of leave details as per format laid down by controlled branch/directorates.

Railway Warrants/Concession Vouchers.

20. Railway warrants/Concession voucher will be issued to individuals as per authority on receipt of requisition. Individuals are requested to fwd the requisition minimum seven days in adv through respective branch/directorates. Warrants are issued at Sena Bhawan on Tuesday and Friday or the Camp office between 1400h to 1700h on working days.

Maintenance of IAFF-958 and Publication of Causalities.

21. The Camp will maintain the individuals 958 and publish all causalties on occurrence. All Part II orders published are kept in folders prepared Regiment wise at the Reception for perusal by individual.  

22. CILQ,NRA, CEA/RTF, Transport Allowance etc are published as per rules on the subject. Individuals are required to submit supporting documents through respective branch/directorate for publication of the above.

Married Accommodation.

23. Married accommodation is allotted only to eligible JCOs/OR borne on the authorised establishment of branch/directorates and posted strength of the Army HQ Camp. Individuals are required to register their names by submitting application forms through respective branch/directorate. 

24. Accommodation is allotted for a fixed tenure which is 3 years for JCOs and 2 years for OR. Allotment, extension retention are made strictly as per SOP of the Army HQ Camp which is based on rules/regulations on the subject.

Posting Out.

25. On completion of their tenure at Delhi, individuals are issued movement order/railway warrants on receipt of clearance from respective branch/directorate. 


26. Numerous facilities like Gymnasium, OR Institute, Library, Recreation Room, Play Grounds, STD/PCO etc for welfare of JCOs/OR, have been created/installed at various locations. In addition various services like a barber shop, tailor, dhobi shop, wet canteen are functional.

Miscellaneous Instructions/Orders.

27. Commandant Army HQ Camp has been designated as your CO for disciplinary/administrative purpose while you are posted/attached to Army HQ/ISOs.

28. You are required to maintain proper discipline, haircut and conduct at all times.

29. Get acquainted with local orders and instructions on discipline and administrative orders at the earliest.

30. In case of problems you can contact the Adjutant/Duty clerk at Tele No 26142181 (Civil) & 39541 (ASCON).