OP Vijay Medal

The President is pleased to institute a medal for recognition of the services of Armed Forces personnel and civilians in the ‘OP VIJAY’ in 1999; and in this behalf, to make, ordain and establish the following ordinance: -

Firstly – The medal shall be styled and designated the “OP VIJAY MEDAL” (hereafter referred to as the medal).

Secondly – The medal shall be circular in shape, made of cupro-nickel, 35mm in diameter and fitted to a plain horizontal bar with standard fittings. It shall have embossed on its obverse the Jai Stambh and the inscription “-----------------” “JAI STAMBH” both in English and Hindi along the rim. On its reverse it shall have Emblem of Ashoka in a circle with inscription “-----------------” “Operation VIJAY” along the rim. A sealed pattern of the medal shall be deposited and kept.

Thirdly – The medal shall be worn suspended from the left breast by a silk ribbon 32 mm in width of Grey colour divided into four equal parts by three strips of 2mm each of Red, Dark Blue and light Blue colour.

Fourthly – The medal shall be awarded to the personnel of the following forces: -

(i) Awarded to all categories of personnel who were borne on the effective strength of the Army, Navy and Air Forces and were mobilized/deployed/involved in planning and conduct of operations at various Headquarters in support of OP VIJAY. Air Forces personnel located at Srinagar, Avantipur, Leh, Thoise and Kargil will also be eligible for ‘OP VIJAY Medal’.

(ii) All ranks of the Para Military Forces, Central Police Forces, Railway Protection Forces, J&K State Police Forces, Home Guards, civil defence organization and any other organization specified by Government when deployed in operational areas, vis, J&K, Punjab, Gujrat and Rajasthan and other areas in the Western and Southern theatres and members of any of all the aforesaid organizations deployed in such other areas as may be specified by Government, and

(iii) Civilians of either sex serving regularly or temporarily under the orders/directions of supervision of the above mentioned forces in operation areas.

Fifthly – The qualifying areas for the purpose of this medal shall be as given below: -

(i) Qualifying Areas

(a) Army – In addition to troops in Battle zone, all ranks of Fmns, Units/Regts and Sub Units which were mobilized and deployed in support of ‘ OP VIJAY’ in Southern, Western and Northern Command as also all ranks posted at various Headquarters involved in planning and conduct of mobilization/deployment including personnel posted at Army Headquarters.

(b) Navy – In addition to those in the Maritime Battle zone, all personnel borne in ships and establishment of Western Naval Command deployed/mobilized in the operations and those personnel posted at various headquarters involved in operational planning and logistic support for operations undertaken in support of OP VIJAY including NHQ.

(c) Air Force – All Air Force personnel borne on the effective strength of or mobilized to or attached to the Formations/Units that were directly involved in operations or were involved in planning/support/conduct of ‘OP VIJAY’ or were mobilized in support of ‘ OP VIJAY’.

(ii) Period of Eligibility - 01 May 99 to 31 Jan 2000.

Sixthly – A person who wins a gallantry award or is mentioned in dispatches or dies or sustains wounds or other disabilities while in service in the specified areas irrespective of the time limit, shall be eligible for this medal. The period of detention as a prisoner of war shall count towards the qualifying service for the medal.

Seventhly – It shall be competent for the President to cancel and annul the award of the medal to any person, and also to restore it subsequently.

Eighthly – It shall be competent for the Govt to frame such instructions as may be necessary to carry out these ordinances.