Immunisation Schedule

The Immunization Schedule followed by Armed Forces in Family Welfare Centres, Central M I Rooms and Military Hospitals are :-

For Children (Both Hospital and Home deliveries)

  • Birth – 3 days BCG, OPV, *HB (1)

  • 4 weeks *HB (2)

  • 6 weeks DPT, OPV

  • 10 weeks DPT, OPV

  • 14 weeks DPT, OPV

  • 06 months *HB(3)

  • 09 months Measles

  • 18 months DPT, OPV

  • 2 yrs @TAB (Typherix)

  • 5 yrs DT, OPV

  • 10 yrs #TT

@ Repeat TAB every three yrs.
# Repeat TT every 10 yrs.
At 15 months - MMR provided on demand.
* Hepatitis B is given free, only to high risk personnel i.e. children of Hbs Ag +ve mothers and Health care workers (Paramedicos), etc. The vaccine for others is provided on demand. Hepatitis B vaccine can be given at any age if not given earlier with schedule of 0, 1 and 6 months.

Other vaccines available on requirement are :-

  • Rabipur for suspected Rabies bite.

Other vaccines available and provided on demand:-

  • Hib (H influenzae B) - 2, 4, 6 months, Booster one yr after last dose.
    (Hiberix, Hibtitre)

  • Varicella (chicken pox) – 1 to 12 yrs single dose.

  • Hepatitis A - 1 to 12

Vaccines are procured from Zila parishad or DHO and given by Paedeatric deptt in collaboration with SHO and Red Cross Org.

Constant health awareness and education programmes are carried out to educate parents about vaccination schedule and its benefits by Medical staff.

Apart from Universal Programme of Immunisation, other national programmes like nation wide Pulse polio Immunisation is carried out by Station Health Organisation in Army.