Regimental Symbols

Regimental Crest: The Colonel of the regiment, Gen K Sundarji, AVSM, PVSM, ADC,selected a white metal BMP-I with a copper bayonet as our regimental crest at the time of raising.

The BMP-I depicts the Mechanisation aspect being the ICV in,use at the time of raising.

The Bayonet depicts the Infantry aspect.

Spirit of Mech Inf The 'Spirit' portrays a futuristic youth with vitality, and dynamism of a neoteric Regiment. The Winged figure armed with multiple weapons, charging over the ripple of waves depicts three dimensional mobility and aggressiveness. The body armour signifies protection.

Regiment Flag The Regimental Flag was designed by Mrs Priya Mazumdar, daughter of General K Sundarji, PVSM, AVSM, ADC.

The Red colour signifies the Blood of the infantry men.
The Black colour signifies the Aggressive spirit of Armour.
The Yellow background signifies Purity and the Path of glory.

Regimental Motto Combined together, "Valour and Faith" (VEERTA AUR VISHWAS) denotes the hallmark of a complete warrior and winner. The motto suggests a blend of stout, unrelenting fortitude, gallant nobility, reverence to duty, courage of conviction and spirit of sacrifice. In brief, "Valour and Faith" signifies:-

Valour "Passion towards duty regardless of perils".
Faith "Trust in self, outfit, weapons and leadership".