Coordination Sec

Charter Of Duties

1. General coordination within branches of Army Headquarters. 

2. Act as central representative of Army Headquarters on matters involving more than one branch.

3. Control and coordinate all functions in connection with the Army Headquarters office accommodation, including rationalisation, allocation and its general maintenance and upkeep in all complexes.

4. Detailment of Army HQ central duty officers and maintenance of central duty office.

5. Coordinate detailment for miscellaneous duties like pay parade, courts of inquiry, board of officers, Republic Day and election duties etc from branches at Army Headquarters.

6. Coordination and promulgation of orders and instructions on matters of uniform applicability like observance of working hours and holidays etc within Army Headquarters.

7. Allotment, general administration and day-to-day maintenance of Army Headquarters Conference Halls located in Sena Bhawan and South Block.

8. Interaction with the National Archives of India (NAI) and Min of Def (O&M Unit) on matters pertaining to records management, including submission of periodic reports on the subject in respect of Army Headquarters as a whole.

9. Coord all staff aspects of administrative action for accommodation, transport and liaison officers for visits of Army Commanders to Delhi, including their visits for Army Commanders Conference and Selection Boards.

10. Administrative control of Army Headquarters Despatch Office.

11. Implement policy on mail handling and registry procedures at Army HQ.

12. Determination and dissemination of maximum distribution list of Army Headquarters. 

13. Coordinate arrangements for drawing rations and FOL on payment from DID by all rank of Army Headquarters.

14. Arrange issue of ration and FOL cards by Headquarters Delhi Area/Station Headquarters to the officers posted at Army Headquarters and inter services organisations. 

Coordination Aspects

13. Conference Hall in South Block and in Sena Bhawan. Administration and Coordination Directorate does the allotment and maintenance of both the conference halls.

14. Army Commanders Visits to Delhi. Administration arrangements for their visits are coordinated by Administration and Coordination Directorate.

15. Maintenance of Central Duty Room and Detailing of Army Headquarters Central Duty Officer. Administration and Coordination Directorate is responsible for the maintenance of Central Duty Room. Recently, a number of measures have been taken by this Directorate to improve the living comfort of the duty officer and his staff. This Directorate, also details Central Duty Officers for the Army Headquarters. 

16. Control of Army Headquarters Despatch Office. The Army Headquarters Despatch Office caters for despatch of all registered dak, normal dak and parcels from Army Headquarters to outstations. The postal mail is despatched to Sansad Marg Post Office, New Delhi and Scheduled Despatch Service dak to Army Post Office.

17. Upkeep of Sena Bhawan. The responsibility for upkeep and cleanliness of Army Headquarters portion of the Sena Bhawan was taken over by Administration and Coordination Directorate with effect from 1 September 98.

18. Contractual System of Cleanliness. With a view to improve the standard of cleanliness, contractual system was introduced with effect from 7 June 2004.

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