The AGI Medical Benefit Scheme came into being on 01 Apr 1991. In addition to the Army Personnel retiring on 01 Apr 1991 it was also extended to the personnel retired before 01 Apr 1991 who became members of this scheme voluntarily. This Scheme was discontinued wef 01 Apr 2003 on introduction of Ex Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS).

AGI is refunding the one time premium charged from members of MBS alongwith 70% ex-gratia. The procedure to claim the MBS premium by members is given in subsequent Para.

How to Claim Refund. Members of MBS, who are yet to claim refund, are to apply on a plain paper to AGIF for the refund alongwith under mentioned documents :-

(a) Original MBS card issued by AGIF alongwith supplementary card if issued.

(b) Details of Bank Account Number and address of Bank.

(c) Present address of member.

(d) Contact Number if available.

(e) Not applicable for personnel of Navy & Air Force.

(f) ECHS documents or Extended Insurance Certificate (issued by AGIF) not required.

(g) Not applicable for personnel who retired after 01 Apr 2003.