Staff Duties Directorate

1. Staff Duties Directorate is one of the oldest Directorate at Army Headquarters and traces its history to the time of Independence. Over a period of time it has evolved to the present stage and is now headed by a Lt Gen and is divided into various Groups and Sections; with each section geared up to execute a specific task.

2. The Directorate plays a key role in coordinating and smooth functioning of Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army). It also provides an official interface with the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of External Affairs on many matters pertaining to the Army.

3. Staff Duties Directorate is aimed to achieving a reckonable competence in International Peace keeping and Training Teams standards, by systematic selection, training, induction, supervision and de-induction of all Indian contingents / individuals participating in United Nations Peace Keeping Missions and Training Teams abroad.

4. Staff Duties Directorate is also responsible for obtaining Government approvals for any new unit being created or any existing unit being disbanded. The Directorate also keeps a check on manpower authorization to various establishments of the Army.

5. The Directorate is also mandated to chart out the location of all units and issues instructions on permanent relief move of units of all Arms thereby ensuring optimum resources are available to field formations as per their task.