Introduction. Canteen Smart Cards and Canteen inventory Management System were introduced in URCs in 2004. The Smart Cards were revised with additional security feature in October 2010, such as storage of photo in chip and increased chip memory from 16 kb and recently to 64 kb. Requirement was felt to phase needs, operational efficiency and the life of old span of old Canteen Smart Cards. This SOP elaborates the procedures for implementing phased replacement of Old Canteen Smart Cards in accordance with DDGCS letter No 96301/Q/DDGCS/Policy date 15 May 2013.

Time Frame. Phased replacement of all Smart Cards issued prior to October 2010 shall be done as per time frame are as under:-

Date Event/Action
01 Jun 13 to
31 Jul 13
Running of warning patch by M/S SCL in all URCs fore warning customers four months in advance about due date of replacement
01 Jul 13
Receipt of applications for replacement of 2003/2004 vintage cards by CCTSCs of M/S SCL located near formation HQ through respective URCs
01 Aug 13 to
31 Jul 14
Replace of all Smart Cards issued in 2003-2004
01 Aug 14 to
31 Oct 14
Cushion Period 3 months to cater for left over cases of 2003-2004
01 Nov 14 to
31 Dec 15
Replacement of Smart Cards issued in 2005. Long period due to large number of cards made during 2005
01 Jun 16 to
31 Mar 16
Cushion period 3 months
01 Apr 16

Replacement of Smart Cards issued 01 Jan 2006 onwards will be done as per warning displayed during customers visit to URC keeping the 10 years shelf life in view, as also for cards which have got smudged/defaced in an earlier time frame

Common fields in all Application Forms.

Applying/Reapplying. Applicant must tick the correct box-Re-Applying in all case of re-applying, be it is part of phased change of old Smart Cards or due to other requirement (Such as Cards damaged, lost, category change) Applicant must tick in “ Fresh” box only when applying for Smart Cards for the first time.

In case of Re-applying enter Old Liquor/Grocery Cards ID. This is a mandatory field for all case of Re-applying. Printed number on the Old Liquor/Grocery Card must be correctly entered here.

Applicants Mobile No. This is must be entered by the applicant.

Point to borne in mind while applying.

It is preferable and operationally efficient to apply for all required Smart Cards in one in a single applicant. Incase dependent Smart Cards are applied separately at a late stage the old dependent Smart Cards will be temporarily blocked on activation of new parent grocery Smart Card. On being inserted for billing, old dependent Smart Cards not linked to newly activated parent grocery Smart Cards, CIMS will flash message – Your old primary grocery card is hot listed. Please get your dependent cards reactivated with newly personalized grocery card for distribution of entitlement.

ESM application have the option of applying for Combined Grocery and Liquor Smart Cards, but this smart cards has some major disadvantages, vis-à-vis Separate Grocery namely.

Additional amount of Rs 1500/- available in Liquor Smart Cards is not available in combined Grocery & Liquor Smart Cards.

There is no provision for issuing Dependent Smart Cards based on this Smart Card. Applicants have to apply afresh to a separate grocery and dependent Smart Cards if needed.