Issue of Fresh Smart Cards

1. The onus of correctly verifying the documents and particulars of the applicant rests with applicant himself, the countersigning and approving authority. Revised application forms clearly stipulate certification at the end of the application forms by all concerned in this respect.

2. Following documents are required to be submitted along with application forms direct to Ms SCL Ltd for issue of smart cards:-

(a) Consolidated Nominal Roll of application forms along with indvl applications. By URC)

(b) Payment in form of a consolidated URC Cheque/Demand Draft in favor of “Smart Chip Ltd” payable at NOIDA.(By URC)

(c) Payments by personal cheques are not permitted.

(d) In cases of Lost Smart Cards legible CTC of FIR only. It must be noted that FIR in languages other than Hindi or English must be accompanied with a certified transcript in Hindi/ English. Our letter No 96301/Q/DDGCS Dated 02 Dec 2011 refers.