Administrative Instructions For Officers Joining IHQ of MoD (Army) - Delhi


1. All administrative matters concerning Army Officers, JCOs & OR permanently posted to Army HQ are dealt with by Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination, Army Headquarters and Joint Secretary (Training) and Chief Administrative Officer who is working under Ministry of Defence.

2. On receipt of posting order you should contact the Directorate to which you are posted and arrange details regarding your accommodation, transport and other administrative matters. You should also give them date, time and mode of your arrival at Delhi. The concerned Director Coordination of the Directorate to which you are posted is required to coordinate your reception, transport & accommodation on your arrival at Delhi in consultation with Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination. It is the responsibility of your Directorate to get in touch with Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination and the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) to tie up all aspects pertaining to your administration.

Documentation on Arrival
3. Summarised list of documents required to be prepared/submitted on arrival is given below:-

(a) Movement Order.
(b) Record of Service – Three copies (including photographs).
(c) Last Ration Certificate (LRC).
(d) Arrival report to all concerned.
(e) Application for allotment of married accommodation to be sent to CAO.
(f) Application for issue of AFHQ Identity Card.
(g) Station order for attachment for ration.
(h) Application for making payment Ration Card.
(j) Attachment for drawing FOL for private vehicle if required.
(k) Attachment to AG’s Welfare Transport for issue of buss pass, if required.
(l) Attachment of Sahayak for ration/pay to Army HQ Camp.
(m) Application for making Defence Library Cards.
(n) Application for CSD (I) for making liquor cards.


Identity Cards
4. Officers should ensure that they are in possession of Identity cards before arrival at Delhi. Officers are required to show identity card to security staff at the entrance to establish their bonafide. In addition to the Identity card, an officer is required to obtain a special identity card issued by Ministry of Defence for use at Army HQ.

5. Single Officers. It is allotted by Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination in Army Battle Honours Mess and Station Messes respectively till married accommodation is provided by the Chief Administrative Office. The single officers’ accommodation in respect of an officer posted to following Directorates is catered for in their respective Station/Arms messes and not in Army Battle Honours Mess:-

(a) Supply & Transport Directorate.
(b) Army Postal Service.
(c) Artillery Directorate.

6. A Guest Room, subject to availability, can be allotted maximum for a period of 07 days, to be extended for 10 days for the family. However, the officers are advised to initially report on posting without family as this would save them a great deal of inconvenience. After having streamlined their administration, the officers may bring the families.

7. Temporary Married Accommodation under Administration & Coordination Directorate. There is shortage of married accommodation in Delhi. While permanent allotment of married accommodation would take considerable time i.e. more than one year, some temporary/Hostel accommodation can be made available to you by the Chief Administrative Office for which waiting period is approximately five months. However, in order to provide immediate assistance to incoming officers, a small pool of temporary accommodation has been arranged under Additional Directorate of Administration & Coordination as follows:-


(a) Curzon Road Hostel.

(i) We have few partially furnished single rooms and two suites available in this Hostel for a period of three months only. The accommodation is generally suitable for a couple with one small child. Officers would be required to make their own arrangements for messing. Allotment is made on “First Come First Serve Basis”. Officers are required to submit an application to Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination through their Directorate on reporting for duty. The present waiting period is one month. The format of application is given at Appendix ‘A’. A copy of posting order, movement order and the application applied to Chief Administrative Office, should be attached along with the application.

(ii) In addition, few single suites have been converted into temporary married accommodation with an improvised kitchenette where cooking is permitted. The format of application is same as Appendix `A’. Copy of posting order, movement order and application forwarded to CAO should be attached with this application.

(b) Army Battle Honours Mess. Few suites in ABH Mess have been converted into temporary married accommodation with an improvised kitchenette where cooking is permitted. This accommodation is basically a stop gap arrangement till an officer gets a Chief Administrative Officer pool accommodation. Officers are advised to contact GSO-1(Logistics) Administration & Coordination Directorate, Room No 103, D-1 Wing, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi, (Telephone No 23373834) on reporting for details and submission of application. The format of application is same as given at Appendix ‘A’. A certain percentage of this accommodation is kept for Brigadiers and the Officers posted from CI Operations/HAA. A copy of posting order, movement order and application to CAO should be attached with application.

8. Temporary Married Accommodation under the Chief Administrative Office. Officers should immediately submit application with Chief Administrative Office for accommodation after reporting on duty as per format given at Appendix ‘B’. The Chief Administrative Office is holding following type of accommodation and approximate waiting period is shown against each. The detailed guidelines regarding allotment of Defence Pool accommodation is given at Appendix ‘C’:-

(a) Hostel Accommodation/ Temporary Accommodation. (As per current norms of Sep 98)

(i) Pragati Vihar. One room furnished accommodation for following officers:-

(aa) Maj/Lt Cols Approx 06 Months.

(bb) Cols/Brigs Approx 04 Months.

(ii) Curzon Road Hostel. One room furnished accommodation (separate from paragraph 8(a) above) allotted to Cols/Brigs. Waiting period is approximately two months.

(iii) Princess Park.

(aa) Two roomed Approx 04 Months.

(bb) Three roomed Approx 04 Months. (Permanent accn)

(iv) Shankar Vihar. Approx 6 Months

(b) Hired Accommodation. The hiring/ rent reimbursement rates have been increased consequent to revision carried out by fifth Pay Commission and accommodation is available in Noida and areas within New Delhi. The hired accommodation by the Chief Administrative Office takes approximately eight months for allotment.

(c) Rent-Reimbursement. The officers are advised to sponsor a house for hiring by the Chief Administrative Office. This is open for Gurgaon also.

9. NOIDA Hired Accommodation. This is located approximately 24 KM from South Block. Several officers posted in Army Headquarters are staying in this complex. This complex has a branch of Delhi Public School, Army Public School, a Kendriya Vidyalaya, MI Room, a golf course, marketing and CSD facilities.

10. Permanent Accommodation. Regarding allotment of married accommodation at this station, you should look up SAO 34/S/74 for details. While permanent allotment of married accommodation would take more than one year, some temporary hostel accommodation may be made available to you by the Joint Secretary (Training) & Chief Administrative Officer within a few months of your arrival, provided you register your name with the Joint Secretary (Training) & Chief Administrative Office soon on your reporting for duty at Army HQ. Permanent accommodation is available as follows and it takes approximately one year to one and half years for allotment :-

(a) Dhaula Kuan Part I and II, Arjun Vihar, SP Marg, Sangli Apartments,Moti Bagh and Shankar Vihar.

(b) MES/CPWD hired accommodation at New Delhi and NOIDA.

11. Cook house are run close to these locations. OR (Sahayak) are given food tokens and have to eat at their meals from these locations.

12. Att of Officer’s Sahayak. As per AO 71/78 an officer is auth a sahayak when posted to AHQ (subject to approval of his OC unit . He can be attached in Army HQ Camp at Vasant Range/Lodhi Colony/National Stadium/NOIDA det (only food), based on accommodation allotted to the officer. Two forms duly filled and countersigned by officer are required to be submitted to AHQ Camp along with movement order of sahayak, posting order of officer and Last Ration Certificate(LRC). Performa of the forms is attached as Appendix ‘D’.

Shifting and Storing of Baggage

13. Efforts are on to construct a store room where luggage of officers would be kept till they are allotted accommodation. Till it comes up, the officers are required to keep the luggage under their own arrangements. CO/Adjutant, Army HQ Camp may be contacted for availability of baggage space if any. The heavy luggage is not permitted in Army Battle Honours Mess. For shifting of heavy luggage, indent for transport could be sent to GSO-1(Movement) Administration & Coordination and transport will be detailed depending upon the availability.


14. Delhi provides excellent facilities for children’s education. In addition to a large number of colleges and schools, there is an Army Public School on the Ring Road (near Dhaula Kuan Officers Enclave II) and Noida which are primarily meant for the children of service personnel. Admission in Army Public School is given under three priorities:-

(a) Priority-I - For Officers posted to Delhi.
(b) Priority-II - For Officers posted to field area who selects Delhi as their SPR.
(c) Priority-III - All cases other than (a) and (b) above.

There are many Kendriya Vidyalayas where new admissions are possible through entrance test before 31st July every year. Cases with transfer certificates are entertained throughout the year. In Noida there is one Delhi Public School and a Kendriya Vidyalaya also.

School Buses

15. The school buses ply for most of the schools under the arrangements of Station Headquarters, Delhi Cantonment. You should approach Station Headquarters, Delhi Cantonment for your requirement of school buses and getting the Bus Passes made for your children.


16. Besides the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) Buses, taxis and other civil transport, Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination runs Army Buses for officers connecting almost all the residential areas in Delhi and Noida with Army HQ. These buses provide good and economic office transport facilities on payment. Officers are advised to contact Officer-in-Charge, Army Officers Welfare Transport, Directorate of Administration & Coordination, Room 607, Tele : 23373835 in case they want to avail this facility.

17. With transport allowance having come in, large numbers of officers use their own personal transport.In case the officers wish to avail Army Welfare Buses, they should send the application as per Appendix ‘E’ for making Bus Passes. (Rs 550/- for Noida & Rs 500/- for other buses).

18. Due to shortage of vehicles, it is not possible to detail transport for officers coming/going on posting.They are required to hire the Taxi and claim the amount. For request of transport, the requisition to Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination should be made as per format given at Appendix ‘F’.

19. In the vicinity of South Block, following banking facilities are available :-

(a) Syndicate Bank loc in the South Block and its extn counter in the Army HQ Canteen, Q Block.
(b) State Bank of India, Extension Counter, located in the Kashmir House.
(c) A branch of the State Bank of India, located in the North Block.
(d) HDFC ATM counter in ‘H’ Block near Chief Administrative Office reception.
(e) Axia Bank & ATM in ‘H’ Block near Chief Administrative Office reception.



20. At Army Headquarters during working hours, normal working dress (Dress No-3 or 4 depending upon the season) is worn on all week days except on Wednesdays when civil clothes are permitted.

Working Hours

21. Army Headquarters work five days a week. Saturdays and Sundays are closed holidays. Office working hours are as under :-

(a) On all working days Army HQ work from 0900 hrs to 1730 hrs with one hour lunch from 1300 to 1400 hrs for civilian and from 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs for Combatants.

(b) Ministry of Defence and Defence (finance) work from 0900 hr to 1730 hr with one hour 1300 to 1400) as lunch break on all working days.



22. On arrival, please send your Last Ration Certificate (LRC) and movement order along with copy of posting order to GSO-1(Coord) Room No 106, D-1 Wing, Sena Bhawan (Tele No. 23373833) for preparation of your ration card along with relevant forms duly filled for FOL card and payment ration card (SOP No. 00265/Mov/Adm and Coord date 06 July 92 refers). The forms given at Appendices ‘G’, ‘H’ & ‘J’ should be filled in and sent to GSO-1 (Coord).

23. Officers rations are provided at their residence/Mess directly by (Daily Issue Depot) Supply depot ASC. Payment rations will have to be collected under own arrangements with your payment card, duly endorsed and signed for each purchase.

Canteen Facilities

24. Smart Card for Army HQ CSD Canteen. A smart card has been introduced for AHQ CSD Canteen. In this connection please ref to QMG Branch (Management Committee AHQ Canteen) Note No 24762/AHQ/Can/Smart Card date 03 Mar 03.

25. Good canteen facilities including CSD items, grocery and provision and tailor are available within the premises of the ‘Q’ Block. The Army Headquarters canteen working hours span from 0930 hrs to 1630 hrs with lunch break from 1300 hrs to 1500 hrs.

26. Liquor. Payment liquor to officers is issued by the Army Headquarters CSD Canteen. On arrival, the officers, other than those staying in the Messes, will need to obtain a liquor card through their respective Directorates.

27. A cafeteria run under the Chief Administrative Office run as Department Canteen is located in Sena Bhawan and South Block. It provides room service and caters for mid day meals on orders besides light refreshment on subsidised rates.
Medical Facilities

28. Medical cover to all officers and their dependents is provided by the Armed Force Clinic (AFC), located on the Dalhousie Road, opposite to ‘B’ Block Hutments, Army Headquarters.

29. Dental cover is provided by the Armed Force Dental Clinic (AFDC) located on the Thyagaraj Marg, (behind the Armed Force Clinic).

30. Besides the above, the RR Hospital and Base Hospital are located in Delhi Cantt, at Noida, MI Room facilities are available.


Arms/Private Weapons

31. Private Arms should be deposited by the officers with the Quartermaster Army HQ Camp within 48 Hours of arrival. These are kept in the unit Armory located in Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi – 10. You are expected to give 48 hrs notice if you wish to withdraw any weapon. Private arms will not be accepted for safe custody unless these are covered by valid licenses.


MOD Security Pass/Card
32. On application, Chief Security Officer, Ministry of Defence will first issue you a temporary pass to enter South Block/Sena Bhawan/RK Puram offices. On the date and time intimated by the Security Office, please visit them to have your photograph taken and permanent laminated MOD Identity Card issued to you. Please wear this card over your left pocket in uniform and civilians clothes at Army HQ reception.

Games and other recreational activities

33. There are no regular games organized by the Army HQ. However, all officers posted to Delhi can become members of Defence Service Officers Institute (DSOI), Dhaula Kuan, which provides facilities for outdoor and indoor games. PPTs are carried out biannually under arrangements of MT Dte, in which every officer is expected to appear. The results are brought to the notice of respective Directorates.

34. DSOI, Dhaula Kuan. You can become a member of DSOI by :-

(a) Depositing Rs 500/- with Defence Service Officers Welfare Fund, which will allot you a card and membership number.

(b) Apply for membership to Secretary, DSOI, quoting this membership number.


35. Army Golf Club, Dhaula Kuan. You can become a member of Army Golf Club by applying directly to Secretary at the Army Golf Course and paying a security deposit.

36. Library in South Block. A well stocked library exists in room No. 129-D, South Block and officers should avail of this facility.

Sahayak/Soldier Driver

37. Your Sahayak/soldier Driver will be attached to Army HQ Camp for administration and discipline. Send them personally with their LRC/Movement Order and Note from you countersigned by your Directorate to Commandant Army HQ Camp indicating where you would like them to reside and dine. They can be attached to following camps/messes:-

(a) Army HQ Camp (Vasant Vihar Ranges).
(b) Lodhi Road Camp.
(c) Noida (Messing facilities only).
(d) National Stadium Camp.
(e) SP Marg Camp – Messing facilities only.


Railways Warrants and Form D

38. They are issued to you by the Chief Administrative Office as per entitlements. The requisition is required to be sent to Chief Administrative Office.