CONSTR OF FOOT OVER BRS (FOBS) AT MUMBAI : The necessity for constr of FOBS in Mumbai Rly Stn emerged due to a stampede on Elphistone Br on 29 Sep 17, where 22 civs lost their lives. Army was tasked to constr three FOBs at Elphinstone Rd Rly Stn, Currey Rd Rly Stn and Ambivali Rly Stn. The task was exec in a record time of three months. The brs were opened to public on 28 Feb 18.

RLY BR IN KISHANGANJ DISTT: A critical Rly Br on Ajhrat R in Kishanganj Distt (Bihar) was washed away in the flash floods resulting in the snapping of vital Rly link to Siliguri. Based on requisition by Rlys, an Engr TF ex 417 Engr Bde was tasked to launch a BAFH Br to facilitate the Rlys to carryout emergent repairs to restore the connectivity. The work started on 21 Aug 17 AN and bridging ops were completed by 0600 Hrs on 22 Aug 17.



RD BR AT KATIHAR DISTT : Due to flash floods in Bihar, Strat Rly link between Bihar and West Bengal got disrupted due to extensive damage to embankment of Rly Br on R Ajhrat in Distt Katihar (Bihar) and a criticality was created. DM Katihar, requisitioned assistance from HQ Eastern Comd for constr of floating br in order to facilitate Rlys to undertake repairs to the damaged embankment. The constr of BAFH Br was undertaken by TF ex 417 Engr Bde and the br was completed on 23 Aug 2017 to Rly Auths.



FLOOD RELIEF OPs KERALA : 14 Engr Task forces from units of Southern Comd, CME & Regt Centres were employed to provide flood relief assistance in kerala. These Task Forces rescued more than 7,000 civilians, distributing 40 Tons of relief materials and opened two road axes.