Guidelines Regarding Allotment Of Defence Pool Accommodation


1. The term ‘Accommodation Rules refer to Ministry, accommodation Rules issued on 15 Jul 91.

2. These guidelines are not exhaustive and do not substitute the Ministry of Defence ‘Accommodation Rules’ or other instruction issued by Ministry of Defence. These guidelines cannot be quoted as an authority in any situation. In case of any doubt, the officer should refer to the Accommodation Rules or otherwise consult the Quartering Officer for clarification/advise.

3. Officers held on the permanent strength of Armed Forces Headquarters (AFHQ) and units attached thereto and Inter Services Organisations (ISOs) are entitled for allotment of Defence Pool (DP) accommodation.

4. Application form is to be submitted in duplicate with two copies of posting order/movement order/gen forms within seven days of assuming permanent appointment.

5. Field Area/Sea seniority Certificate as per annexure III of Accommodation Rules should be submitted in original within 14 days of assuming permanent appointment, wherever applicable.

6. NAC as per Annexure V of Accommodation Rules should be submitted in original within 14 days of assuming appointment in case an officer posted from peace station wants to claim ante-date seniority.

7. If any officer wishes to opt for hostel accommodation, he should submit an application separately. No separate application for hired accommodation is required.

8. An officer who wishes to hire a house on rent reimbursement basis should submit his application before occupying the house failing which the sanction would be given from the date of occupation or date of receipt of application which ever is later. In case plinth area certificate, sketch map are not readily available, these can be sent later within a reasonable time frame. 

9. Officer can request for allotment of DP accommodation in specified area:-

(a) On medical grounds supported by medical certificate, or.

(b) On grounds of Children’s Education duly supported by certificate or fee receipt from the school, or.

(c) On administrative grounds duly recommended by the applicant’s Director General/Equivalent.

10. Application for specified area should be submitted to the Quartering Officer within 12 months of the date of reporting.

11. Those who have got ante-date seniority can submit this application within 3 months of assuming permanent appointment. Such applications from officers who have been offered accommodation will not be allowed after acceptance of the request by the Competent Authority. 

12. An officer whose name is included in the offer list obliged to give acceptance for all the house (for the areas which he has specified) failing which he is likely to be relegated.

13. Non availability of an officer at the time of receipt of offer letter should be communicated to the Quartering Officer by next Superior Officer before expiry time of the offer to avoid relegation.

14. An officer who fails to occupy the allotted accommodation or fails to collect the allotment letter at the indicated time will be relegated and also charged damages rent in terms of 33 of Accommodation Rules.

15. Subletting or sharing of accommodation is not permitted under Accommodation Rules.

16. An officer cannot retain the DP accommodation beyond 10 days after he is transferred out of Defence HQs. He should take clearance from the Quartering Officer before he leaves the station. Officer not doing so would be liable for disciplinary action. He will also liable to be charged rent at damages rent until such time as intimation of vacation is received by the Quartering Officer.

16. An officer posted to field station/peace station cannot retain regular DP accommodation/3-4 roomed hostel accommodation beyond a period of two months. He should shift to a hired accommodation within this period.

17. An officer who is required to shift to hired accommodation I terms of relevant paras of Accommodation Rules on his posting out, proceedings on study leave etc, should contact Quartering Officer either personally or through a duly authorised representative on any working day for collecting the allotment letter of the house.