History of AAD Centre

Jul 1940.     Anti AC (AA) and Coast Def (CD) Wg Est by the British  School of Arty at Kakul near Rawalpindi
14 Sep 1940.     1 AA Tech Trg Bty formed at Silk Mill at Gun Carriage Basin Colaba Bombay.
01 Jan 1941.     AATC of Indian Arty formed by expanding No 1 AA Tech Trg Bty after move from Bombay to Karachi in Dec 1940.

01 Jan 1942.     AATC renamed 1 AATC to train Hy AA gunners only. 2 AATC raised From ‘B’ Regt of No 1 AATC Lt AA WG and moved to Deolali. 

Apr 1942.   3 AATC Est at Deolali for recruiting Madrassis for AA raisings. 
Dec 1942.    3 AATC mov to Mehgaon near Jabalpur. 1 AATC to train Madrassis and 2 AATC at Deolali to train North Indinan Gnrs and Dvrs. 
Jun 1944.    1 and 2 AATCS disbanded and merged into 3 AATC at Mehgaon near Jabalpur to train all categories of AA pers and renamed as the AATC. 
1946.    All three Indian Arty Trg Centres, AA Fd and Mtn merged to form two new Centres. One near Ambala named as Royal Indian Arty Trg Centre (North) and one at Madukarai near Coimbatore, named as Royal Indian Arty Trg Centre (South) which subsequently moved to NRC and Secundrabad respectively.

1948.     Arty Trg Centre loc at Kakul moved to its present loc at Nasik Road Camp. 3 Bty of 1 Trg Regt of Arty Centre was third bty having a tp with 16 guns.
22 Feb 1969.   AD Wg raised at Arty Centre, Nasik Road under Lt Col PS Bakshi.
10 Jan 1994.     Consequent to bifurcation of AD Arty, AD Wg was seperated from Arty Centre.
15 Nov 1994.     ADGM Centre raised under the stewardship of Col RJS Sodhi.
Dec 1994.    AD Arty records bifurcated from Arty Records with Lt Col RPP Kurup as the first CRO.

01 Dec 1999.     ADGM Centre re-designated as Air Defence Artillery Centre. 
01 Apr 2004.     AD Arty Depot Bty bifurcated from Arty Depot Regt with Maj S Kekre being the first AD Arty Depot Bty Cdr.
18 Apr 2005.     Air Defence Artillery Centre re-designated as Army Air Defence Centre. 
Oct 2008.     Army Air Defence Centre shifted to Gopalpur.